Writer’s Block

I’ve been thinking long and hard over the past few days about what to write next.  I feel I owe it to my adoring readership (yes, all three of you) to post something so insightful that it will blow your minds away.  You know, something so revolutionary that you’ll ask yourself “why didn’t this genius start this blog years ago?”

Problem is, I’m not sure where to start.

Yes, I have plenty of ideas, opinions, and stories to share but I’m finding it difficult to pick just one. So I’ve decided to divulge some working titles for my upcoming posts.  I’ll then allow you to decide, via comments, what I should write about next.  (Be forewarned,  I’ll likely ignore the lot of you and just write about whatever the heck I want, but like true democracy, it’s the illusion of choice that matters.)

First, some pure opinion pieces that are sure to get me in trouble.

  • The Idiot’s Guide To Idiots – How to survive in a world dominated by morons.
  • The Art of Bias – Recent study shows how recent studies are BS
  • The Narcissistic Introvert – The internal conflict of being unable to tell everyone it’s all about you
  • All Hail The King – Related to “The Idiot’s Guide To Idiots”, the advantages of  a dictatorship over democracy
  • Devil’s In the Dollar – Why Costco, Wal-Mart, and the dollar store are capitalism’s axis of evil (and why  I love them.)
Next, some insightful perspectives on technology.
  • Tweet Me Gently – My love/hate relationship with Twitter.
  • Email: The Drug – How too much of a good thing can kill you.
  • Anti-Social Media – The delusion of online relationships.
  • Too Much Info – The hazards of real-time information.
I also have a few serious things to say about the media industry that you may enjoy reading.
  • Death of a Journalist – Why “real” journalism is dying and why it’s all your fault.
  • Your Content, My Way – Why the consumer is always right, and what it means for the industry.
  • Lord Edward – What I would do if I owned a newspaper.
Finally, here are a few stories of my early work I feel are worth sharing.
  • How It All Started – The beginning of my work online, and why it’s sometimes better not to know what the hell you’re doing
  • Go Jump off a Cliff – The birth of canada.com, and why it’s sometimes wise to go jump if someone tells you to
  • The Opinionated Agnostic – The story of our CMS, SouthPARC.
  • Web 2.Early – The birth and death of Faceoff.com.
  • There’s No Money in Search – The death of Canada’s premier search engine.
  • The Screwdriver Test – How to weed out the good server admins from the, um, really bad.
  • Under The Public Eye – The launch of canada.com membership, the need for (good) copy writers, and how internal jokes eventually become public.
  • Flick of the Switch – How one mistake can turn a 72 hour adrenalin rush into a 120 hour nightmare from hell.

So there you have it.  Those titles represent the typical posts you’re likely to find on this blog.  If you find this enticing (and really, who wouldn’t) then make sure you keep coming back, or better yet, subscribe to my feed .

One last thought I would like to share before publishing this masterpiece.  More than a few of the articles above will likely get me into some varying degree of trouble.   You see, I don’t much pay attention to facts, studies, or truth for that matter.  I make up my opinions as I go along and base them solely on my self-interest.  It doesn’t mean I’m always wrong, in fact I do get lucky once in a while.  It just means that I can’t be bothered with letting things such as  research or education stop me from making a good argument.  In any case, although it’s already been stated, let me be perfectly clear on this matter.

The delusional opinions and fabricated stories expressed in this blog are solely those of the participant, and do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else on this planet.

But fear not.  Even if things go drastically wrong I have Google Adsense on this blog, and based on my $0.03 cents earned so far, I’m sure I could make a living on this.