Not all browsers are created equal. Design accordingly.

During any kickoff meeting for the next website redesign, inevitably there is that one common question that comes up each and every time.  What about IE6?  It happened again to me today during a call with our UX team.  The context of today’s conversation was in regards to HTML5 and responsive web design, which is the perfect context for this particular question.  It’s one of more than a few topics I’m passionate about, so in addition to sharing my thoughts with them, I figured it would be the appropriate time to blog about it this evening as well.

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Anti-Social Media – My take on the Facebook timeline

I’m not a crusty old goat.  You know, that old guy who sits on the park bench reminiscing about the good old days and how these new technological fangle-dangles have ruined society.  I love technology.  My house is wired (actually most wireless) like few others I know.  I have an iPhone, my wife has an iPhone, the kids use the iPad like they were born with it.  I have this blog where I publicly express my opinions with no concern of what others may think.  I also have accounts with and use (with varying frequency) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInGoogle+ and the like with no real fear of my online privacy beyond an occasional worry about identity theft.  (Note to would be identity thieves:  If you take on my identity you must also agree to take on my mortgage, car payments, and watch the kids at least twice a week.)

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Writer’s Block

I’ve been thinking long and hard over the past few days about what to write next.  I feel I owe it to my adoring readership (yes, all three of you) to post something so insightful that it will blow your minds away.  You know, something so revolutionary that you’ll ask yourself “why didn’t this genius start this blog years ago?”

Problem is, I’m not sure where to start.

Yes, I have plenty of ideas, opinions, and stories to share but I’m finding it difficult to pick just one. So I’ve decided to divulge some working titles for my upcoming posts.  I’ll then allow you to decide, via comments, what I should write about next.  (Be forewarned,  I’ll likely ignore the lot of you and just write about whatever the heck I want, but like true democracy, it’s the illusion of choice that matters.)

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