Anti-Social Media – My take on the Facebook timeline

I’m not a crusty old goat.  You know, that old guy who sits on the park bench reminiscing about the good old days and how these new technological fangle-dangles have ruined society.  I love technology.  My house is wired (actually most wireless) like few others I know.  I have an iPhone, my wife has an iPhone, the kids use the iPad like they were born with it.  I have this blog where I publicly express my opinions with no concern of what others may think.  I also have accounts with and use (with varying frequency) Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInGoogle+ and the like with no real fear of my online privacy beyond an occasional worry about identity theft.  (Note to would be identity thieves:  If you take on my identity you must also agree to take on my mortgage, car payments, and watch the kids at least twice a week.)

Yet still, for some reason that I’m still trying to fully flush out, the announcement of the Facebook timeline yesterday concerns me. Continue reading Anti-Social Media – My take on the Facebook timeline