It’s been well over a year since my last post.  I had originally intended on posting to this blog twice a week, so it would appear that I missed that mark by just a tad.

I have no excuse to give you other than the typical “holy crap life is busy” but that’s true for most people.  In any case, a lot has changed over the past year and I thought I should take a little time to tell that story and use it as the perfect excuse to get back into the blogging game.

First, I moved.  Yes, you already know about how we moved offices, but not too long after that my dear wife Reena managed to finally convince me to put our first house of 11 years up for sale.  After a few stressful weeks of completing untold number of renovations that were started many years earlier, the house sold in less than 24 hrs.  (Kudos to my kick ass agent, Margaret de Groot.)  Seeing as how we sold before finding a new place, after a number of weeks and countless open houses it appeared I was going to have settle the family into a cardboard box.  However, fate looked kindly upon us (or at least my wife and children) and we found a gorgeous house in a beautiful area of town that sat empty, so not only did we get to meet our closing date, we moved it up by a month.

As stressful as that was, that’s not the real story or motivation behind this post.  Another storm was brewing and the winds of change started upon me with the advent of the iPad.

When the iPad was first announced, my initial reaction could be summed up as “meh.”  As a hard-core Windows guy (and secret Linux admirer) I was used to Steve Jobs announcing the second coming every time he jumped on stage.  I was convinced that Apple could deliver the iToaster (in white of course) that played MP3s for 10x the cost of a regular toaster and the Apple fanboys would flock to it like flies to horse dung.  But seeing as I’m in the digital media space, I eventually trudged over to the local Best Buy to buy a few for the office.  And guess what, the darn thing was actually kinda cool!  It was really handy for sitting on the couch and browsing the web.  It was great for consuming videos.  And those apps, that endless supply of handy apps!

I had taken my first real sip of the Apple Kool-Aid, and it was good!

Next came the iPhone. The iPhone 4 was released just around the time we were getting serious about mobile development again.  So why not get one of those as well, right?  Before the iPad, my thoughts on the iPhone were that it was interesting, but there’s no way I could type on that so it had no chance on replacing my trusted Blackberry.  I’ve had a Blackberry since the time RIM came around to our office and asked us to try out the very first model, and I was convinced they would have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.  But after the iPad, I didn’t even think twice about replacing my Blackberry for the iPhone.  Yea it’s a bitch to type on, but like so many Apple users do, I easily overlooked some major flaw to take hold of all the other goodness that awaited me.

So, here I was with an iPad and an iPhone, and it just went completely south from there.  I started consuming content on those devices and decided I needed to centralize all of my media assets at home.  So I resurrected my old Mac Mini (G4 PowerPC model) and then went out and bought a 2TB external drive to store everything.   And again, I did it the Apple way.  I spent twice the amount of a regular drive because this drive was made for Macs (it has firewire which I “needed”) without blinking!  Bought an Airport Express N too while I was at it!  A little later, the 2nd generation Apple TV is released and I got me one of those as well.

So not long after that damn iPad entered my life, I’ve spent some serious dough tricking out my house and I find myself knee-deep in Apple juice.  And I like it!  But it doesn’t stop there.  Via that old Mac Mini I find myself taking another serious look at OS X.  Hated it before, but now it’s starting to take on a bit of an appeal to me that it never did before.  I’ve been set on Windows for so long that my right brain had forgotten how to function.  This is nice!

And then came the car.  Now, I am not saying that I bought my MINI Cooper S because they came out with MINI Connected.  But I will say that Apple has brought color into my black and white world once dominated by Microsoft.  To be clear though, I have NOT become an Apple FanBoy waiting in awe for Steve to release his blessings upon me with total disregard to price or function.  But I will say this.  I have a feeling that I would look REALLY good in a pair of blue jeans and a black turtleneck.  It could be my new look!