Moving Day

Today was my first day at our new office in Ancaster.  What better time to reflect on what I will and will not miss about our old digs.  From Hess Street to the Senior Cheerleading Squad, there are a lot of fond and not so found memories gathered throughout the pervious years at our former office in downtown Hamilton.

We moved from our Hamilton Spectator office to the CHCH building in downtown Hamilton about eight years ago, and after Canwest sold CHCH back in September, it was once again time to move on.  Actually the sale was only one catalyst to the move.  We’ve also been in a perpetual state of growth as the Digital Media group continues to play a larger role within Canwest.  When we started, the IT portion of Digital Media was essentially Pete and myself.  By the time we moved into CHCH, there was about ten of us.  During these last years this growth has seen the team split across two floors, to the point where we no longer had any room to spare.  We’re now at twenty seven and still growing.   (Although by all accounts, still a very small group compared to what we do and what we’re responsible for.)

We’ve had lots of fun, lots of stress, and lots of interesting times at our old office.  But as far as the office itself is concerned, it’s safe to say there’s more of what I won’t miss than of what I will.  That’s not to say is was all that bad, it’s just that the location of the office, surrounded by an array of subsidized housing, led to it’s share of interesting situations.  So without further ado, here’s the list.

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How did I get here?

Today of all days is probably a good day to review how a devilishly handsome farm hand ended up being the Director of Applications for a major online media company.   Ok, devilishly handsome MAY be a bit of a stretch, but I was buff (six-pack and all), tanned, with flowing locks of hair. Nowadays I can best be described “pleasantly plump”, white, and bald.  But according to Seinfeld that still gives me a shot with Marisa Tomei.

Before I continue, I must apologize to my readers who are not so technically inclined.  I’ll try not to dive too much into some of the technical jargon, but as I do feel free to skip that mumbo-jumbo.  But from time to time it will be required, and this post is one of those exceptions.
In short, I’m where I am today because in my last year of high school, my brother bought a book on some new programming language called Visual Basic.  But that in itself won’t get me enough ad impressions so let’s dive into the longer version shall we?
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